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Milwaukee Brewers Enamel Pin.  Wisconsin Brewers Enamel Pin.  Wisconsin Brewers Blue & Yellow Enamel Pin.


"MILWAUKEE -- Did you ever wonder why the Brewers’ primary colors are blue and yellow?

...Contemporary accounts suggest that the converted Pilots uniforms were to be only temporary, but instead they stuck. And while the Brewers’ look changed in 1978, when the block “M” was replaced by the iconic ball in glove logo, the royal blue and yellow color scheme stuck. Until the mid-1990s, that is, when the Brewers took an unfortunate detour toward a scheme that included navy, gold and green.
Today, the Brewers wear a somewhat modernized version of their original colors. In November 2019, the team introduced an updated ball in glove as its primary logo and a color scheme built around a darker shade of blue along with the traditional yellow."   From 

Double posted for stability and security this pin will stay put!!

Height: 1.5"
Width: 1.5"
Great Detail
Solid Metal
High Quality Enamel
Double Posted


Ships securely with tracking in a bubble wrap mailer.

Milwaukee 'Brewers' Enamel Pin

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